Spoon Single Word – Gunparade March

‘and why did you say Paul was a cuckoo?’

‘Don’t worry Jules’ I tried to reassure her ‘they have no need to say anything and I’ll speak to Chuck later but think they understand the situation so won’t say anything’

‘and you mean cuckold?’ I asked ‘well, I thought it was easier to explain it that way, would have been odd if I had explained we were who we really are and they then said they heard us last night’ I laughed. You want to see how someone handles it do you? well I think we know which someone that’s going to be now don’t we.

Hentai: (Mimiket 5) [Koubai Gekka (Kouno Mizuho)] Single Word (Gunparade March)

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(みみけっと5) [紅梅月下 (紅野瑞穂)]Single Word(ガンパレード・マーチ)

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