(Winning Shot 2) [PHkengai (Takaoka Nanaroku)] Makimono C (Daiya No Ace)

Adams is a handsome man in his forties with streaks of grey in his hair and a slightly flabby body which is pronounced due to his baggy clothing. I walked down to the school and managed to reach the premises just before 8:00 am.

Hentai: (Winning Shot 2) [PHkengai (Takaoka Nanaroku)] Makimono C (Daiya no Ace)

Makimono C 1Makimono C 2Makimono C 3Makimono C 4Makimono C 5Makimono C 6Makimono C 7Makimono C 8Makimono C 9Makimono C 10Makimono C 11Makimono C 12Makimono C 13Makimono C 14Makimono C 15Makimono C 16Makimono C 17Makimono C 18Makimono C 19Makimono C 20Makimono C 21Makimono C 22Makimono C 23Makimono C 24Makimono C 25Makimono C 26Makimono C 27Makimono C 28Makimono C 29Makimono C 30Makimono C 31

(ウイニングショット2) [PH圏外 (高岡七六)]巻物C(ダイヤのA)

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